Saturday, September 18, 2010

Choose the right school for your child

This is school admission season; a time of the year when most parents are confronted with the horrors of school forms and admission tests, waiting anx- iously for schools to reveal their chosen ones.

Most parents follow the familiar route ask around, and compile the list of 'best' schools in their reach location and money wise. Then they do the rounds, collecting for ms, reading the brochures and visiting the schools. Having submitted the forms, the endless wait begins. The wait for being accepted is fraught with anxiety. Once the lists are out, there is the painful part is dealing with rejection. The feeling of I haven't made the cut or my child is not g o o d enough.

Some parents follow a somewhat different route. They avoid the schools with history and reputation and long queues of those seeking admission .

These parents are making choices from some of newer schools in the city. They too move from one new age school to another and theyhear each school's marketing speak.

Every school tells you that they are the best for your child.

The confusion is exacerbated by the word of mouth doing rounds in your office or social circle. Every mother and father you know has an opinion or insight to offer. Usually what they say is something they have heard from someone else. Unfortunately, there is very little guidance available for a parent to choose a school, other than a abundance of opinions in the social network. The decision is regarding hoice of a school is not a easy one. We need to understand the power-centres of the schools to understand their child centricity. We further need to deeply evaluate schools and understand their potential influence on child's psychological scripting. The view of having the future becomes yet another big factor to decide our school choice. The choice of a school asks a question of your world view and value systems too. Do you have or aspire to have the same kind of child centric and powerful scripting force that you should seek in the school? Your values must match those of the school if you want to have a harmonious relationship with your child's education experience over the next 15 years.

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