Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sanskriti schools to open across country

Sanskriti School, the exclusive preserve of children of officers of all-India services and central services in Delhi, will now go national, as the Centre is planning similar schools all over the country.
However, the new Sanskriti schools — the first one is being planned in Shillong — may go against a key provision of the Right to Education Act that mandates 25% reservation for children of economically weaker sections in the neighbourhood. The new Sanskriti schools, as per the draft, will have only 15% of seats reserved for poor children while 55% will be for children of officers belonging to all-India services or central services.

Since the states will have to provide free land for the schools, children of state government employees will have 15% reservation, leaving 15% for general public. The general public will have to pay a higher fee, according to the draft proposal.

Following HC order, first of nationwide Sanskriti schools coming up in Shillong
55% seats to go to kids of all-India services officers

15% seats for poor kids as opposed to 25% mandated by RTE; 15% ‘premium’ seats kept for general public

More Sanskritis will help govt officials

The Centre is planning Sanskriti Schools all over the country to primarily cater to children of government officials. It will provide one-time financial assistance for capital expenditure for setting up of such schools.

The proposed guidelines say that the fee structure should be such that these schools are able to meet all recurring expenditure. They can even receive donation from NGOs to further develop infrastructure.

Department of personnel and training sources give two reasons for expansion of the Sanskriti network, one of them being the Delhi High Court’s directive to the government to frame policy guidelines for setting up of Sanskriti-type schools. The matter came up in course of the HC hearing a PIL regarding funding to Delhi’s Sanskriti school. The second reason, a source said, was the realization that children of officers of all-India services/central services faced schooling problems in other metros and cities where they are posted on transfer.

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