Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Step By Step - Noida School

Set up in 2008, Step By Step enjoys an enviable reputation among schools in the NCR. The child is at the centre of all activities at the Noida school.

The school's wide-ranging curriculum gives students choices within a framework of rigorous academic achievement -and the school an edge.

Students are encouraged to pursue sport, drama, dance, music, art and community projects.

Teachers use laptops to hold interactive sessions with children.

“Sound institutions are made of sound teachers. Our teachers are hardworking and among the very best. This takes our school where it is today,“ Step By Step principal Payal Kapur said.

“We also have a special education needs department which caters to a large number of kids with special needs.“

A textbook approach to learning is discouraged in the school, a radical shift from the rote learning emphasised in many Indian schools.

Though it has set new standards, the principal feels the good work has only begun. “Ours is only a two-and-a-halfyear-old institution,“ Kapur said. “That means we have a long way to go in terms of individual and institutional excellence.“

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